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PL Perrin & Associates
Proven And Experienced
With over 30 years in law enforcement and polygraph services, Pete Perrin is one of the leading polygraph examiners in California.
  • Polygraph Unit Supervisor
  • Detective Supervisor
  • Recipient of the Medal of Merit
  • Recipient of the Life-Saving Award
Competency, fairness, compassion and diligence are the core principles Pete Perrin has built his reputation on.
If you need polygraph services, contact Pete today at (949) 770-7890, or fill out the contact form on this website.

"Trusted by peers, law enforcement and clients for his competency and ethics."

Certified Competence
Mr. Perrin's certifications exceed those of other polygraphers.
  • American Association of Police Polygraphist
  • California Association of Polygraph Examiners
  • Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner
  • National Academy of Lie Detection
  • Bachelor's Degree - University of Redlands
  • Sherman Block Leadership Institute
More Than A Polygrapher
With his knowledge and experience, Mr. Perrin teaches about the administration of polygraphs and ethics to notable institutions, such as: The Orange County Sheriff's Academy The Golden West Police Academy The San Bernardino Sheriff's Academy The Marston Polygraph Academy

"A double homicide case and a home invasion robbery case were solved by Pete Perrin in Southern California."

I Can Help You
I am committed to providing the best service to my valued clients, regardless of their situation. From employers looking to screen prospective job candidates to married couples experiencing relationship issues, I am here to help you. Fairness, ethics, competency and professionalism are the pillars I stand by. I look forward to your call or email.